TT: Growing up at work

Thoughtful Thursday (TT)

Have you ever read, “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There?”

It’s an interesting book–I read the readers digest version comic book, but got the message.

Human dynamic are very interesting. When you work in a transactions-based operation where you are pushing widgets either in manufacturing or office, you come to work at a specific time and leave at a specific time and work is shoveled at you while you are in the work center. As you move up, you focus more on the shoveling versus the doing, but the environment is the same. Normally these positions, until you get to management are hourly non-exempt. Then, if you do well or hire out, you might move to a salary job (exempt).

Now your life is focused on you determining your own hours and you tend to shovel your own work to yourself.

The transition is normally difficult for many who were used to being told what time to arrive and given work to do that followed specific processes (followed or not).

Now you are thrust into a role where you have to take the initiative to determine your role and find work. Also, you tend to stay longer hours (as normally expected) to get things that need to be done. Your deadlines are are in days and weeks versus seconds and minutes. The focus is quality over quantity.

How does one effectively make this transition? This isn’t the only transition, but tends to be the first one in the work-a-day world.


About johnrknotts
John Knotts is a results-oriented business professional leader, manager, and supervisor with experience from the military, small business, several nonprofits, and is currently a management consultant. Working out of the San Antonio, Texas, he retired from the Air Force in July 2008 and worked with Booz Allen Hamilton from the end of October 2008 to December 2011. Now he is a Strategic Business Adviser with USAA. John leads large and small strategic transformations and has extensive experience in the areas of change management, strategic planning, process improvement, strategic communication and marketing, strategic human capital and resource management, education and training, facilitation, organizational design and development, modeling and simulation, financial and budget analysis, activity based costing and management, quality management, competitive sourcing and privatization, leadership development, and business development.

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