Leadership and Management: 

Over 25 years progressive experience with proven record of producing measurable outcomes as a results-oriented business professional leader, manager, and supervisor.

CEO and president-level nonprofit experience for over 10 years leading 156 to 18,000 members in the states and in Europe.  director-level military program management experience affecting over 8,000 personnel at 77 locations.

Performed military and nonprofit program and project management at over 120 locations for over 120,000 personnel.

Selected, led, managed, mentored, supervised, developed, and motivated over 1,000 personnel over career.

Thirteen years resources, organization, quality, and strategy consultant experience to government and nonprofit customers.

Managed budgets and resources across several military and not-for-profit organizations in excess of $2B.

Strategic Planning:

Applied recognized experience with quantitative and qualitative problem solving methods and techniques leading to a wide variety of successful government and nonprofit strategic planning experiences.

Considered a strategy subject matter expert for Booz Allen Hamilton leading eight separate client transformations.

Developed an 11-step strategic planning process for the Air Force.

Assisted Belgium’s Air Force in development of strategic plan, succeeding after they previously failed three times.

Program manager for an Air Force major command’s Strategic Planning and Performance Management Program.

Guided Air Force intelligence agency in the creation and development of all new strategic planning documents.

Obtained successful nonprofit experience through implementing five strategic plans for active organizations.

Transformation and Business Process Reengineering:

Thirteen years applied reengineering skills and application of military outsourcing (A-76) programs and management.

Led seven major Air Force and Army strategic transformation projects.

Worked on five A-76 studies handling the overall process and designing the military’s most efficient organizations.

European military major command A76 Program Manager for 13 studies on-going throughout the theater.

Assisted Air Force in redesigning their complete performance management and capability management program.

Applies a Master’s-level certification in Change Management from Georgetown.

Process Management and Improvement:

Sixteen years diverse process improvement and quality systems management and business architect experience.

Trained in LEAN/Six Sigma; specifically managed over 20 continuous improvement teams and coached, mentored, and reviewed business architects and process improvement experts in over 100 projects.

Developed a macro-level planning and costing tool based on activity based management.

Facilitated the Air Force Baldridge-style award-winning weather training process improvement project.

Led the Air Force process improvement program as a Baldridge-style examiner for five years in a row.

Strategic Human Capital:

Experienced expert in broad strategic human capital and industrial engineering disciplines.

Leads Booz Allen Strategic Human Capital market in San Antonio providing service to the Air Force Manpower Agency, Personnel Center, Education and Training Center, and Occupational Measurement Squadron.

Assisted several human resource clients on areas of strategy, workforce planning, recruiting, on-boarding, engagement, retention, performance, compensation, recognition, employment law, and union engagement.

Applied extensive industrial engineering knowledge and is trained in all disciplines with over 13 years of application.

European military competitive outsourcing program manager for 13 studies on-going throughout the theater.

Worked on five sourcing studies handling overall process and designing military’s most efficient organizations.

Education and Training: 

Professionally trained and accomplished educational provider from the level of trainer to program manager — focused specifically on leadership development especially in educational programs.

Fully certified Air Force instructor; managed a major wing quality training program–managed 10 subjects and trained over 3,000.

Organized 24 leadership development programs for over 850 military and nonprofit leaders at several locations.

Orchestrated 15 training classes on competitive sourcing and privatization for over 190 personnel in Europe.

Managed three squadron-level education and training programs for operational and information security.

Consistently identified needs and developed programs focused on employee, volunteer, and leader development.

Strategic Communications: 

Strong, successful, and proven communicator and effective instructor, coach, and mentor.

Developed and implemented several strategic communication plans for clients in Air Force and Army.

Fully versed in strategic communications, marketing and branding, crisis communications, change communications, and communications planning.

Received the Toastmasters Advanced Communicator Bronze and Competent Leader certifications, Certified Master Speechwriter, and has several published works (newsletter, magazine, online, and book).

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