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I am working on several different book ideas.  I also had a local magazine here in San Antonio (  These are my projects and completed works:


Overcoming Organizational Myopia, stovepipes, sandboxes, short sightednessOvercoming Organizational Myopia
Breaking Down Stovepiped Organizations

Expected Release Date: late 2015 (My editor is taking a bit longer and I plan to do a rewrite after edit)

Shortsighted organizations that fail to see the big picture, or the long-term vision, suffer from Organizational Myopia (OM), which is successfully overcome by applying a full-spectrum of change management methods.  All organizations, large and small, are naturally susceptible to OM; being able to identify the negative effects related to OM allows leaders to take action when and where required.  The normal reactions to dealing with OM generally results in ineffective short-term solutions.  Organizations that suffer from this are often referred to as “stovepiped” or “siloed” organizations because they cannot look beyond their own ‘walls’ and fail to focus on long-term objectives.  The organizational structure can be one factor influencing the onset of OM; however, all organizational structures form stovepipes — it is a natural phenomenon.  Learn how to identify it and overcome the issues it causes without tearing apart the organization in the process.

Maturing the Document Domain (Expected Release Date: On Hold (The Document Management Maturity Model (DM3) is under patent review, so I won’t write about it until that process is done))

Becoming a High Performing Organization (Expected Release Date: 2016)

CoverStop Jumping to Do (Expected Release Date: Early 2016 (I presented on this May of 2014 (see my blog and video) and I started writing on this. It will be a quick book)

We are all project managers. When you think about the basics of a project, you can see that every day we manage projects. The question is, how well do you plan them? This book will share a simplified project planning methodology developed when investigating a way of easily turning strategy into action. Not only will it share with you the simplified approach, but it will take you through an example of the approach and leave you with the basic planning tools you’ll need to apply this technique in every project you manage. Here are the benefits of the approach:

  • It’s easily repeatable.
  • It ensures project success.
  • It allows for simple timeline planning.
  • It takes less than an hour the first time you use it.

Strategic Personal Career Planning

Creating a Change Culture — The New Status Quo

Understanding the Universe of Strategy

Creating Heroes Within Your Organization

A Formula for Innovation

A Simplified Approach to Change Management

Simple Strategic Planning (Think Big Take Small Steps)

Why Your Company is Failing

Department of Miss-Defense — What Needs Fixing

Leadership You (SM) and Leaderment (SM)

Beware the Corporate Crumble


The Amazing Pitching Wedge



Savage Soul

Chronicles of Anthony Moon

One Dead Marine, Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Earth, Swords, Sorcery, and ScienceOne Dead Marine

– Release Date: March 2012

Enter the world of The Savage Soul™ and Scorched Earth™ — the advanced society of the twenty-first century that died a painful death — and the killer’s name was Yellow Mike.

Join Anthony Moon, a Native American U.S. Marine, who finds himself in a unfathomable apocalyptic world of 150-year old technology, magic-wielding demons, flesh-eating zombies, and monsters of every imagination.  Journey with him in this first volume of many where Lance Corporal Moon learns to survive–barely–in a fanatical environment built out of the madness of a twisted drug and an ensuing great disaster.

Moon guides you through his journeys and experiences as you follow along in his own personal journal of the life of a Marine on the Scorched Earth™.

Second Book in the Anthony Moon Series (No Title Yet) (Expected Release Date: 2015)


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