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John Knotts, the Author…

John Knotts is a results-oriented business professional and consultant with twenty years experience working with the military, small businesses, and nonprofits.  He is the President of Crosscutter Enterprises, which provides business management consulting services, and is the President and Publisher for SAXtreme Magazine, which promotes an active and healthy lifestyle in San Antonio, Texas.

John retired from the U.S. Air Force in July 2008 and has worked as an external consultant since.  He was born and raised in the Detroit-area of Michigan but now lives in San Antonio, Texas.  For those who know the Air Force, he was in the Security (Police) Forces for ten years and then retrained to Manpower and (Quality) Organization and was in that career field for eleven years.  He has been stationed at Carswell Air Force Base (AFB), Texas (six years), Vandenberg AFB, California (two years), Turkey (one year), Ramstein Air Base, Germany (six years), and in San Antonio at Lackland AFB (six years).

For John, writing is a passion aligned to his professional and personal life.  His interests cover fiction, nonfiction (business), as well as journalism.

About The Savage Soul™

The Savage Soul is a role-playing game set in a world that incorporates almost every imaginable genre, including fantasy, science fiction, espionage, modern warfare, and horror.  As such, it is both a generic role-playing system (suitable for any type of adventure) and a world that offers limitless possibilities for the creative Game Master.  In fact, in the course of a single adventure, a Savage Soul character might find himself casting spells, hacking computers, shooting zombies, slashing at warbots, seducing beauties, gambling in casinos, negotiating with vampires, and performing surgery.

To some Game Masters, this may sound daunting.  But The Savage Soul is as much or as little as you want it to be.   Your initial game setting may be as simple as a wild forest or barren desert, where little technology exists from before “The Great Destruction.”  On the other hand, your game may be set in the outskirts of a once-thriving metropolis, with certain communities having preserved or restored their high-tech lifestyles (including computer networks, dimensional transporters, and automated surgery centers).  Most of the world, however, will likely fall somewhere in between, with small, isolated communities clinging to scraps of technology while simultaneously exploiting the benefits of magic and alchemy.

Gaming Experience

My roleplaying experience is what led me to writing sci-fi/fantasy fiction.  My good friend Kevin (Bogo) Bogucki created two roleplaying games and we would spend hours playing them.  One was Children of the Stars, which was a very Star Wars-like sci-fi roleplaying game.  The other started out as Arena Battles, which was just a combat system for arena-style combat.  This evolved into Savage Soul, Soul Quest (sea-faring Savage Soul rules), and eventually into The Savage Soul and Scorched Earth.  Over the many years, I’ve helped Kevin fine tune the rules as the concepts of the games change.  I have also played many other gaming systems, most notably D&D/AD&D, GURPS, and Traveler/Traveler 2000.  I have been involved in gaming on and off for over 30 years as both a player and a game master.  Of course, these days, gaming systems have moved to the computer with programs like AD&D and Oblivion as well as online programs like World of Warcraft.  I have played several of these systems, more just to pass the time.  I always like the more freeform open roleplaying that pen and paper gaming provides.  Recently, we have moved to play by email (PBEM) to continue to test Kevin’s game and this has provided me with many writing opportunities.


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