Are You Easy To Do Business With?

Bubble CloudThis Voice of the Customer (VOC) question comes up often…

What does “Easy to do business with” really mean to your customer?

It’s all about the interaction from the customer’s point of view.  Answer these questions and you will better understand how easy you are to do business with and this should lead you to creating the right measures to monitor your ease in the future:

  • Do I (Customer) interact with you (Company) in my channel of choice or in your channel of choice?
  • How long does my interaction with you actually take–how much of my time are you taking up?
  • Do you get our interaction right the first time and if you do not, how do you handle it?
  • Do you know me and what I want when we interact, or do I have to keep repeating myself?
  • Do I initiate the interaction when I need to or do you initiate the interaction when you know I should?
  • Do you interact with me in the right amount, too little, or too much?
  • Is my interaction with you always consistent?
  • Do you force me to interact with you in ways that I do not want to?

Understanding the answers to these questions can provide significant insight into this question.

I would enjoy hearing other questions from the customer’s point of view that you feel are key.

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